Pre finished Hardwood installation

Pre finished Hardwood installation

Our Services

At Pearl Finish Hardwood Flooring, we offer complete flooring services such as:

  • installations,
  • refinishings,
  • prefinished solid hardwood flooring,
  • laminate flooring,
  • unfinished hardwood flooring,
  • engineered hardwood flooring,
  • parquet flooring,
  • a wide variety of repairs,
  • removal of carpeting,
  • resurfacing stairs 

For all the above services, please contact us for a free evaluation, and estimate.

Making an old floor look like new involves the following phases:

  • the customer selects the products to be used,
  • we specialize in water based and oil based polyurethanes. When using oil based products, we take work and environment precautions.
  • setting convenient appointments and execution time table,
  • plastic will be used to keep the dust in the work area. We use special dustless machines to help minimize the airborne dust by 99%.
  • the actual sanding process

     Our refinishing service begins long before any sanding takes place. Our operating procedures begin with a checklist of preventive measures to isolate the workspace from the surrounding areas and to protect the access areas leading to the workspace.

     The standardization of the refinishing process, the employment of sophisticated equipment and the use of high quality, vigilantly proven materials ensure the repeatability of a great finish every time.

     The two most common finishes that we use are oil based and water based urethanes.